Clarksville TN MMA Gym – 20 Years of Greatness

Clarksville TN MMA Gym
clarksville tn mma gymClarksville TN MMA Gym
SSF Fighters fight just about every weekend.

Sep 2016 Remodel of SSF Clarksville begins.  Walls torn down and new Dollamur Seamless mats are going down.

Aug 24, 2016 SSF Submission Academy becomes home to 10th Planet Clarksville.

Aug 13, 2016  SSF becomes an Official Grappler’s Guild gym.

May 2016 SSF Pro MMA fighter Cory Alexander signs and fights for ACB in Russia.

April 2016 SSF owner Ron Dayley gets his Gracie Barra Black Belt.

Clarksville TN MMA Gym

June 14, 2014 SSF will be going to Fresno CA for the Fighters Source Regionals.

April 28, 2014 SSF went to Syracuse NY as part of the Fighters Source World Challenge and went 6-1.

Feb 28, 2014 SSF Pro and Amateurs will fight at the Wilma Rudolph Convention Center, Clarksville TN.

Nov 16, 2013 Pro Fighter Steven Durr will be fighting in Malaysia for OneFC.

Oct 16, 2013 Pro Fighter Nate Ladwehr will be fighting in Nashville for XFC.

Oct 12, 2013 Pro fighters Chris Coggins, Cory Alexander and Jeremy Morin will be fighting in OK.

Clarksville TN MMA Gym

Aug 11 Yannick Jones 170 fights for a slot on the Team USA Muay Thai team in MO.

Aug 18 Jonathon Clemons makes his pro boxing debut in GA.

Aug 24 Chris Coggins fights on Bellator against #1 ranked 145 in the state Zach Underwood in MS, televised.

Sep 1 Yannick Jones 170 and Chance Wilson 125 will be fighting for the ISKA Southeast Regional titles in Tampa FL.Sep 28 Nate Landwehr 145, Chris Coggins 155 and Zach Odom 170 fight for XFC in Knoxville TN. televised.Oct 5 Yannick Jones 155 pro debut and Jonathon Clemons 135 pro fight in Lexington KY.

Clarksville TN MMA Gym

Dec 7 XFC Nashville will have 2 SSF fighters on it. We will release the details after XFC does.



Clarksville TN.

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