MMA and BJJ Clarksville TN home to SSF

MMA and BJJ Clarksville

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Clarksville TN MMA and BJJ Clarksville

SSF Submission Academy is home to two Gracie Barra Black Belts and the hightest ranking Gracie Barra black belt in Clarksville TN.  SSF is MMA and BJJ Clarksville

Train with the Best MMA Gym in TN.

Clarksville TN’s only real MMA gym is SSF. Our record speaks for itself, their record doesn’t exist.

Only Official 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu in Clarksville

SSF Submission Academy is home to 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Clarksville TN.

Form and function over speed and high reps.

It’s like Crossfit but safer and better with a Certified Strength and Conditioning coach leading the class.

MMA and BJJ Clarksville

Pro MMA fighter Cory Alexander MMA.

RSM managed Pro MMA Fighter Cory Alexander out of SSF Submission Academy of Clarksville TN.

MMA pro fighter Nate Landwehr SSF

RSM managed Pro MMA Fighter Nate Landwehr out of SSF Submission Academy of Clarksville TN.

RSM Sports Management signs SSF's Edward Massey.

SSF’s pro 135 MMA fighter is now 3-0.  MMA and BJJ Clarksville

SSF pro MMA fighter Edward Massey has signed with RSM Sports Management and Marketing. Big things are coming his way.



I Want You Clarksville TN!

Clarksville TN enlist in the SSF Revolution and join the Dark Side of MMA and BJJ.

10th Planet Fort Campbell Clarksville

Sam Davis of 10th Planet Clarksville with Eddie Bravo the founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu.

Wrestling for MMA Clarksville TN

Nothing beats wrestling for takedowns. At SSF MMA and BJJ we work a lot of wresting into our MMA and BJJ programs because it works.

Clarksville TN you lucky bastards.

Learn Mixed Martial Arts from the best MMA gym in the state of TN. SSF is the only MMA gym in the state to place fighters in all major MMA promotions in the USA, Europe and Asia.

The best BJJ Gym in Clarksville TN is SSF.

Learn BJJ from Clarksville TN’s best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym SSF. We are the areas oldest, largest and best gym in the area for a reason.

Our Hell is on a different level than yours. Our training is on a different level than yours.

We all have our own reasons for putting ourselves through the hell of training for a fight. MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai and NoGi grappling isn’t a game to us, it’s our life and if your put the Devil on the other side of the cage, we’ve come to fight.

SSF Submission Academy is home to the only Grapplers Guild certified BJJ program in Middle TN.  The Grapplers Guild is under 3rd degree Gracie Barra Black Belt Rick McCoy.  BJJ coaches Ron Dayley and Jason Martin are both black belts under Rick McCoy and GB.

SSF is the only official 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu gym in Middle TN.  Sam Davis runs the 10th Planet Clarksville portion of SSF and is assisted by Alex Voight. Sam is a Pro Grappler and currently ranked #1 in the Grappling Games series in the Advanced/Pro division.

SSF is the only REAL MMA gym in the Clarksville TN area.  We have sent pro MMA fighters to the UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce, OneFC, ACB, King of the Cage, XFC, BoDog and almost every other top level promotion.  No other gym in TN can claim as much.

Join the SSF revolution, Join the SSF Army.

SSF is home to Real American Heros. MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Nogi grappling and wrestling. SSF is the best of the best.

Evolution in Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Clarksville TN

Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a living and evolving thing at SSF Clarksville.

Excellence in Excellence Clarksville TN BJJ and MMA

SSF is Excellence in BJJ and MMA. No other gym in Clarksville TN is close to being on our level of greatness.

BJJ clarksville and MMA Clarksville TN.

Gracie Barra BJJ of Clarksville TN.

Brazilian Jiu JItsu and Mixed Martial Arts of Clarksville TN at SSF.

SSF Submission Academy is home to the leading MMA, BJJ and NoGi grapplers. D1 wrestlers and top level Pro MMA fighters call SSF home.

MMA and BJJ Evolved in Clarksville TN.

BJJ, Muay Thai, NoGi, MMA it’s all we do at SSF Clarksville TN.

SSF is an MMA school and as such, we train in all aspects of MMA and how they apply to MMA. We don’t teach BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai classes separately,  our classes cover all aspects of MMA. If you want to fight then train like you fight, you can’t train BJJ three days a week and Muay Thai two days a week and except it to come together in the cage. Call today to learn more about SSF Submission Academy.

SSF Pro MMA fighter Cory Alexander signs a 3 fight deal with ACB out of Russia.

SSF has been selected to man teams for the Hip Show Worldwide TV series.

SSF has been selected as one of 8 US teams to compete to represent the US at the World Championships in London.

SSF Pro MMA fighter Nate Landwehr beats Adam Townsend to become the 3FC 145 champion.

SSF pro MMA fighter Steven Durr has signed a multi-fight contract with OneFC.

SSF pro MMA fighter Nate Landwehr signs multi-fight contract with XFC. for all the news and info on the MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai fight scene
in TN and  KY.

SSF Submission Academy of Clarksville TN is now a part of  USA Wrestling.


No matter what your fitness level is, SSF will take you to your limit and beyond.  If you are looking for a exercise program or a sport to get into that will get you into the best shape of your life then we may have what you are looking for.  SSF of Clarksville TN is your source for MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing, wrestling and fitness in general.



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